Columbia College –Lake County student selected as Ivy Chain Cutter

Mark Hammel has been selected as one of two students to represent the division of Adult Higher Education at the Home Campus Ivy Chain ceremony.
Mark, who graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of science in business administration with double majors in human resource management and management in October 2008, will participate as the ivy chain cutter in this historic ceremony first held in 1900. During the ceremony, which is conducted at each Home Campus graduation, all participants are connected with an ivy chain draped over their shoulders. The chain of ivy represents the connection of the graduates with the college as well as their fellow classmates. As the ceremony concludes , the ivy is cut, signifying that although now separate from Columbia College and classmates, graduates will always remain a part of Columbia College.

Students were nominated for this honor from across Columbia College’s 35 nationwide campuses and the online campus. Mark was selected based off his outstanding academic career, his successful work history, and his commitment and contributions to his community.

“I fully understand the symbolism and importance of the ivy chain ceremony and tradition, and the importance of the ongoing connection to my fellow students and to Columbia College” said Hammel. “I am honored to represent the Lake County campus for this ceremony.” The Lake County campus staff and faculty would like to congratulate Mark for being selected for this honor.