NWS Charleston to offer College 101 program

Columbia College NWS–Charleston and the Navy College Office on command are collaborating to offer prospective college students with opportunities to succeed in college. Beginning in the October Session, students who are college eligible, ready to pursue a baccalaureate degree and have gone through a college counseling session at Navy College, but who are, perhaps, apprehensive about study skills and time-management techniques, test-taking, or need an introduction to adult higher education, will have a new resource: "College 101." The program is organized as a set of scheduled discussions, sponsored by Navy College, available to all NWS service members, their families and Department of Defense employees.

Seminar topics include the returning adult college experience, financial aid considerations and online learning, to name a few. Some students have not been in a structured in-class or online college environment for five to 10 years or more, some even longer. They may feel intimidated about the process and need a refresher course. The College 101 program addresses their concerns.

"Adults who consider returning to college already have many reasons not to make another commitment — full work days, busy family obligations and hectic schedules. I want to let those students understand that they can indeed make college work, thereby achieving their educational goals," said Keith McIver, NWS Charleston campus director.

Columbia College's commitment to adult higher education and its long, close affiliation with military personnel and their families makes returning to college easy. Our staff members are supportive and eager to answer questions about textbook purchases, registration and financial aid concerns.

For more information about College 101, please visit your Columbia College office, see Karen Stanbery, director of the Navy College Office NWS Charleston, or visit us online at www.ccis.edu/nwscharleston.