Important policy reminders for Jacksonville and NAS Jacksonville students

The Jacksonville campus and NAS Jacksonville are the only two Columbia College campuses in the country to be in the same city. This creates unique opportunities for students and staff, as well as unique challenges. Students have twice the selection of classes from which to choose, and they can have their records held at the campus closest to them.

Things to remember:
  • Advising and records: When making appointments, students should keep in mind where their records are kept. There is only one set of records; students should make appointments with the office that holds their records.
  • VA/VOC students: Staff can only certify students whose records are held at their campus. Students should make sure to have the correct campus listed on the VA paperwork. We cannot certify students whose paperwork lists NAS Jacksonville as their campus. VOC students should only request a book voucher from the campus that has their paperwork
Both campuses can look up certain personal information for a student, no matter where the records are held. However, due to privacy laws, staff can’t give out certain information over the phone, including student ID, social security number, grades, class schedules and any personally identifiable information.