On a good list: Columbia College–St. Louis dean’s list

To qualify for the Dean’s List, you must:
  • Complete a minimum of 12 credits in two consecutive sessions with a minimum of six credits in each session.
  • Have a combined GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Meet eligibility restrictions—no grades of incomplete, no grade that is replacing an incomplete, no pass/fail courses and no developmental courses (ENGL 107, MATH 104, MATH 106).

    For the 2008 August Session, 19 students earned the honor and distinction of being named to the Dean’s List. Congratulations!

    Lisa Abernathy
    Betty Barnes
    Robert Becker
    Joshua Boeck
    John Brown
    Aimee Butler
    Julie Calcagno
    Richard Daugherty
    Kimberly Dick
    Danielle Duggan
    Jill Greene
    Michelle Hankinson
    Niel Haugen
    Stephanie Holliam
    Lia Nickens
    Michael Perry
    Christina Steinlage
    Mary Voss-Hale
    Warren Williams