35 facts about the St. Louis campus

  1. St. Louis was the first extended campus of Columbia College.
  2. The current session has 939 enrollments (combined in-class and online classes)—largest enrollment ever!
  3. The 2nd highest enrollment session was in 1999 with just under 900 (but they were all in-seat enrollments).
  4. The St. Louis campus was founded on Oct. 31, 1973.
  5. The first campus was on Goodfellow at TROSCOM (Army Troop Support Command) in Building 105 Annex.
  6. The campus then moved to Jefferson Barracks.
  7. The St. Louis campus was once at the Missouri Air National Guard Base at Lambert Field.
  8. Buder Elementary School housed the St. Louis campus.
  9. Hoech Middle School was a location for the St. Louis campus before moving to the current location.
  10. The St. Louis campus finally settled at 4411 Woodson Road in 1997.
  11. While at Buder Elementary School, a dietician at a nursing home provided cooked meals in the cafeteria for Columbia College–St. Louis students.
  12. Columbia College–St. Louis initially shared the Woodson Road building with Bell Helicopter.
  13. The campus has been served by eight directors—four women and four men.
  14. Sabra Bingaman was the first director.
  15. The eighth director is Debra Shrout.
  16. Gary Massey, associate dean for Adult Higher Education and the Online Campus, was one of the eight St. Louis directors.
  17. The longest serving current staff member is Assistant Director Jeff Long.
  18. A current staff member who started in the evaluations office at the home campus is Tracey Ratermann, academic advisor.
  19. Staff members Malaika Gaston (administrative assistant for financial aid) and Kristin Fisher (campus admissions manager) graduated from the St. Louis campus.
  20. Jessica McKeown was responsible for 19 enrollments at Columbia College–St. Louis before she was hired at the St. Louis campus. (She worked for a local competitor but knew about the great value of Columbia College.)
  21. Kenya Holloway, academic advisor, is related to 1978 Columbia College alumna Daisy Lomax.
  22. Jerry Culberson, custodian, is the first person in the building each day.
  23. LD Anderson, building monitor, is the last person out of the building each night.
  24. Tikisha Davis, receptionist, is currently enrolled at the St. Louis campus.
  25. The first evening receptionist at the St. Louis campus is Amanda Taylor.
  26. The longest serving adjunct instructors are Jerry Timke and Steve Randoll (20 years).
  27. The newest adjunct instructor is Courtney Barr, Spanish teacher.
  28. The first graduation ceremony for the St. Louis campus was held in 2001.
  29. Last year, $2,440 was contributed to the Kullmann Scholarship.
  30. Online classes began in 2000.
  31. 52.5% of the St. Louis enrollment is women.
  32. Most students are between 26 and 35 years of age.
  33. 85% of the students are pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
  34. Military students comprise 5% of the current enrollments.
  35. 35% of the faculty has graduate work beyond a master’s degree.