A virtual bookstore at your fingertips

Some students who order from online vendors with lower prices have trouble getting the correct edition of books or receiving them in time for the first week of class. Using a college-designated textbook supplier will alleviate these problems. Columbia College is not responsible for, and instructors will not grant special consideration for, any incorrect or late textbooks not purchased from MBS Direct or through another designated campus textbook vendor.

There are many benefits to ordering course materials from MBS Direct:

  • Convenience. You can order securely via Internet, mail, fax or phone.
  • Ample selection. MBS Direct stocks the textbooks that Columbia College students will need, according to booklists that instructors submit. They also carry a large inventory of high-quality used books.
  • Fast shipping. MBS Direct will ship your order within 24 hours, Monday through Friday
  • Easy payment. Credit cards, personal checks, money orders and book vouchers from Columbia College are all accepted.
  • Guarantee. MBS Direct guarantees that you will receive the correct book and will replace any defective or incorrect item. They also offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you return books within 14 days from the day the book was ordered, or 14 days from the start of class, whichever is later.
  • Buyback policy. Two weeks before the end of the term, MBS Direct will e-mail you a buyback quote listing the value of your books. If you are interested in selling them, follow the instructions and use the prepaid shipping label.
To order course materials, visit the online bookstore or call (800) 325-3252.

Follow these tips for a successful textbook purchase.

  • Before ordering, have ready your school name, campus location and complete course information, including course titles and ISBN numbers. Identify which courses you are taking online, because books for these classes may differ from on-campus classes.
  • Order your books in time for the first class. Read the fine print when placing an order and see how quickly the order will be delivered. Consider expedited shipping if it’s available. It will be worth the extra cost to have your books in time for the first class.
  • Each time textbooks are updated, the publisher releases a new edition. Make sure you order the edition specified for your course so you can complete the assigned readings and follow along in class.